Lifestyle Factors Which Can Affect The Health of Your Skin – How to Control Them

When we are faced with skin woes, the first thing we do is to head to the medicine counter. The salesman gives you 50 lotions and potions and still after applying them for a specific time span, you see the problems recurring! Sometimes they even get worse. Well, external skin care is extremely necessary and it is kind of our thing which can be controlled by us. But there are other lifestyle factors which also set an impact on our skin and they have to be changed in order to get a long-term positive impact on your skin.

Who doesn’t have vices? But if we take a close look at our vices, we will find some of them which are preventing us from achieving that glow in our skin. So, what are some of those lifestyle habits that set a heavy impact on our skin?

Too much of alcohol can prematurely age your skin

One of the most accepted beverages in the world is alcohol and it is so much familiar in the present day culture that majority of the drinkers are not even aware of the harmful impact of alcohol on our skin and health. After a night of alcohol, have you ever woken up with more fine lines, signs of dehydration and swollen eyes? These are signs of dehydration and studies reveal that one among 6 adults binge drink 4 times in a month, drinking 8 drinks each time. If you continue with binge drinking, your skin will age faster than someone who opts for occasional drinking. You don’t have to stop drinking but you just have to monitor your drink.

Smoking leads to fine lines, sagging and uneven skin tone

Is there anything about smoking that feels and looks attractive? There are too many people smoking actively and causing immense harm to their health and skin. Although there’s no point in judging but there is definitely some point in educating people about the health and skin impacts of smoking. Smoking deprives your skin of the vital oxygen and nutrients while degrading the vital building blocks, elastin and collagen. Long term smoking can have a very bad impact on your skin and you will find uneven skin tone, fine lines, sagging and a sallow complexion.

Emotions and stress can aggravate skin conditions

You can’t deny the fact that there is a strong mind-skin connection. Your psyche can aggravate all skin issues including eczema, acne and psoriasis. When you’re stressed, acne can suddenly flare up as the body releases hormones like cortisol which can increase the production of oil in the skin. Students have always seen an outburst of pimples during the examination periods due to high level of stress and tension about exams.

Therefore, if you don’t want your lifestyle to hurt your skin and make you age prematurely, bring about some changes to the way you lead your life. Stop smoking, drink limitedly and bid goodbye to stress and emotional outbursts. You will definitely see an improvement in your skin condition. To know more on skin care products, you may visit

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