How physical therapy is put into use?

A sports physical therapist not only wants the restoration of the working of the injured limb but also the athletic skills be brought back. First set goal is to reduce inflammation by the application of cold treatments and those with only pain the heat treatment works best. The therapist ensures the normal activity of an individual can be done such as walking, lifting etc without help and pain. The next logical step is to get the patient to use manual and body weight to perform certain tasks. To regain faster and athletic skills on the injured limb, certain exercises are made to perform by the patient gradually so as to not exert pressure or further injure the healing area. The transitions have to be smooth and slow paced so as to give the body an ample chance to recover and heal along with gaining power once again to function as before. The process may evolve over a period weeks to months, but as human body needs time even with advanced medications body has its own way of healing and hurrying up the process may hamper the long term career of the athlete. Visit for more information.


Injuries have a three step process for healing

  1. Pain relief and inflammation reduction
  2. Treatment
  3. Rehabilitation

The athlete hurrying or rushing over his injury may do more harm to his body and may ruin his/her career in the long run by not able to play anymore. Hence a good therapist will guide and determine the period of rest and when the athlete can resume play.

Sports rehabilitation may use different techniques for the same injury as the sports they play may vary so what parts of the body have to be strengthened and which are most used while playing the sport has to be kept in mind by the therapist and prescribe techniques respectively.

A sports physical therapist will know that a sports person will be a fit and physical conditions are at peak because of constant exercise and workouts and diet which them eligible for techniques which aren’t used for normal people for rehabilitation. The plyometric exercise puts the sports man back into their playing shape. This kind of technique may seem rigorous to the common man.

The physical therapy discipline is one such, that requires long man hours and lot of commitment and dedication. The real benefactor of this therapy is to go with your therapist and gel with the techniques and methods he employs to make your life better. The players will definitely be very much depended on these therapists and their whole lives revolve around the way they treat their bodies and how they can bring out the beat from themselves with the help of these therapists. Visit for more information.

The physical technique with certain medication involved will allow the therapists to ensure the steady process of mainstreaming the injured person. Physical therapists have a healing process based on non invasive techniques and helping the patient get back to normalcy with the least discomfort.

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