How can physical therapy help in treating an ACL

When you were a kid, you must have loved playing in the sports ground. A lot of times, kids get miniature injuries while playing in the playground. They might fall down and get their knees scraped or their elbow hurt Etc. When you are older and playing sports in a school team or college, the case is different. Some sports are very aggressive as compared to others. For example, running track is tough, but it is not as harsh as a game of soccer or football. In sports like soccer, hockey, football, there are a lot of aggression and injuries. Many players get seriously injured on the ground. Some of the players are so badly injured that they can never ever play again.


One of the most common injuries that people suffer in these sports is the ACL- anterior cruciate ligament. It is one of the most common injuries that is suffered by the sportsmen. There are about thousands of ACL reconstructions that are performed by the doctors every single year. Women more than men are prone to getting their ACL tore when they are playing in sports. That is because women have weaker bones than men. However, no matter what your gender is, these ACL tears can only be cured by surgeries and later therapy. There are a lot of people who are terrified of causing damage to their ACL because it can be the cause of the end of their sports career. Sometimes the ACL tear is very miniature, sometimes the only solution is a surgery. The treatment depends on the type of injury your knee has suffered.

Is only physical therapy enough of a treatment?

A lot of times, people get their ACL torn and they are recommended to a physical therapist only. In some cases, yes, a physical therapist can make sure that your knee is fine after you have an ACL tear. The ACL physical therapy sessions can take up to two or more months to get the knee working properly. In the therapy session the patient learns how to function the knee in the best way. They also learn how to keep away the swelling, the pain so, in many cases, the patient makes a complete recovery in the physical therapy session only. If after the physical therapy they do not suffer from any knee pain, then they do not need the surgery.

When do you need an ACL surgery?

When even after the complete ACL physical therapy session, your knee is still hurting you, you probably need to get a surgery done. This is one of the cases in which the knee is recovered through surgery. A lot of times, the ACL is torn in such a way which can only be cured with the help of surgery. There are countless hospitals and physical therapy clinics that offer such treatments. The is one of the best places where you can get your sport injuries diagnosed and treated.

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