Mummy makeovers; Procedures to consider         

 Having children can be exhausting and exhilarating, often at the same time! The process of childbirth is also a demanding physical experience that changes women’s bodies in all sorts of ways. As a result, once they have given birth for the final time, many mothers seek out some much deserved me time. For some, this will mean catching up on sleep (once bub allows it) but for others, a more dramatic transformation may be on the cards.

Enter the Mummy Makeover. Cosmetic surgeons are no strangers to repairing damage or wear and tear on women’s bodies as a result of childbirth. However, some clinics have now become a little more savvy in how they market themselves to women in need of all over rejuvenation.  Some women are looking to correct damage or after effects from childbirth, others seek assistance to help lose baby weight and some just yearn for the firmness of their pre-baby body. Whatever the reason, a combination of surgeries for post-baby bodies are on offer.

One of the most common procedures undertaken as part of a mummy makeover is breast enhancement. Unlike the standard ‘boob job’ where implants are requested by clients, a post breast feeding mother may also choose to get a breast lift/reduction in addition to augmentation. These are typically performed in hospital with a patient receiving a general anaesthetic.

Another area that many mothers want to modify is their stomach. Commonly used procedures on this region are tummy tucks, which is known as abdominoplasty. This will involve the removal of excess skin and fat as well as tightening the abdominal wall. It is sought after women who have, in particular, experienced abdominal damage like separation resulting in a pouching or stretched skin after pregnancy. Sometimes a tummy tuck will also involve liposuction to assist with contouring in the area.

Also commonly treated in the Mummy Makeover is the vaginal area. Mothers may undergo labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, and laser resurfacing. These procedures address a range of issues such as changes to the labia minora after pregnancy, urinary incontinence and lax vaginal muscles. Surgeries to this area are growing particularly rapidly in popularity, perhaps due to improved awareness of them or that discussion of them is less taboo than in previous generations, thanks to the internet.

A concern that is often addressed after a women has completed her final pregnancy is varicose veins. Often exacerbated by having children and genetics, protruding, painful and unsightly veins can really affect a person’s quality of life, especially in summer. Treatment for these will depend on size and location, but may include sclerotherapy, laser and surgery in extreme cases. Laser treatments such as the Endovenous have very little recovery time, making it more attractive than surgical vein stripping.

So if you’re looking to get liposuction in Melbourne, a breast lift in Sydney or tummy tuck in Brisbane, shop around for a clinic with a good reputation and highly qualified and experienced staff to guide you through the process of cosmetic surgeries.


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