How To Guide: Finding the Right Ear Surgeon in Sydney

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is an excellent method of correcting abnormally sized or shaped ears for both children and adults. However, before commencing treatment, there are many factors to consider, such as the benefits and risks of the procedure, to determine whether it is right for you.

Additionally, you may be challenged with finding a surgeon that you feel comfortable with to perform the surgery. Make sure that you ask all of the necessary questions to ensure your surgeon is experienced and qualified enough to handle your particular needs.

Below is a comprehensive outline of information, including what to look for in a doctor and what questions to ask, that will help guide you in your search for a qualified ear plastic surgeon.

What to Look for in an Ear Surgeon

The four most important qualities to look for in an ear surgeon are:


You should choose a surgeon that has experience in practice, and experience performing otoplasty surgery. Usually, a well-established surgeon may have administered few ear surgeries or a newer physician may have conducted a large number of ear pinning or ear plastic surgeries. Look for an experienced physician who is trained and familiar with ears.


You should see a surgeon’s results on past patients, especially those with cases that are similar to yours. You should ask your surgeon to see before and after photos, so you can look at his or her ability to achieve your desired outcome from the surgery.

Hospital privileges

When a surgeon has hospital privileges its evidence that they have a good reputation in the medical community and are experienced enough to handle an extensive range of surgical needs.

Some surgeons have privileges at different hospitals, while others have privileges at only one — the number of hospitals usually has more to do with the number of availability in the area than it does the surgeons abilities.

Personal attention

When patients meet with a doctor, they should feel confident that he or she is attentive to their individual needs. There should be a sense of trust and mutual respect that makes the patient feel at ease with the decision to undergo surgery. Patients should leave the first consultation with realistic expectations about the outcome of their procedure.

Is it Necessary to Find an Otoplasty Specialist?

It is not necessary to find a surgeon whose entire practice focuses on otoplasty. Although, a specialist may be the right choice for individuals with severe ear injuries or deformities or those who simply feel more comfortable with an otoplasty specialist.

There are tons of cosmetic surgeons who might conduct ear pinning, but that does not necessarily mean they are experts in the type of otoplasty surgery you need. Doctors who specialise in facial plastic surgery usually conduct otoplasty surgery on a regular basis.

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

The following are examples of questions to ask your ear surgeon or otoplasty specialist during an initial consultation:

  • How often do you perform otoplasty?
  • How many otoplasty surgeries have you performed?
  • Do you perform otoplasty on children? If yes, how frequently?
  • Are you board certified? If no, why not?
  • Do you have before-and-after pictures of your otoplasty patients that I can see?
  • Do you provide complimentary revision should I need it?
  • Do you have any additional training or specialisation in Otolaryngology?

Finding an ear surgeon for your young child is a delicate matter. Both the child and the surgeon should feel comfortable with each other. A qualified and experienced ear surgeon knows how to interact with children, explain the surgery clearly, and will take additional steps to help them feel safe. For more information on ear surgery visit


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