What you shouldn’t wear with your nurse’s uniform – First impressions are important

One good way in which we inspire concern and confidence among our patients and colleagues is by the dresses we wear along with our nursing uniform or nursing scrubs. All of us love to point out our individuality and we need to take care of how we work in our surrounding environment. If you’re a newbie nurse and you still don’t know about what to wear and what not to, you’ve clicked on the right post. The concerns of this article will tell you about how you can be considered as a competent professional way through the start of your career. Check out what you should know and what you shouldn’t.

First impressions are always the last impressions

There are many women who work in health care industries but don’t know how to dress up. They keep flaunting their cleavage for the viewing pleasure of everyone and to make things worse, if the nurse is close to retirement, they should know what to wear along with the uniform and what not to. Bedside nurses usually should dress in a proper way so that the patients, irrespective of their gender, don’t feel uncomfortable about them. Nurses shouldn’t look incompetent based on your appearance. Since you’ve got to create the first impression, you also have to follow certain tips.

Avoid falling under false assumptions – Tips to follow

  • Follow the dress code policy: Irrespective of whether it’s all blue or white, ensure adhering to the uniform policy of nurses. Like everyone else, you too may feel like stretching the boundaries a bit but don’t give in to your temptations. Try to stick to the dress code policy and look like a true professional.
  • Wear attire according to patient population: It is really surprising to see nurses working with adult people who wear Square Pants uniform jackets and Superman t-shirts with the S logo. These are things that you usually wear when you take a walk or hang out with your friends. Just don’t make this mistake unless you work with pediatric patients.
  • Undergarments should be taken care of: If you’re someone who chooses to wear white nursing scrubs, undergarments shouldn’t show through them. When you wear undies of bold colors like hot pink or black, they speak of unprofessionalism. Being a medical professional it is always better to choose nude colors.
  • Minimize the number of accessories: Heavy make-up, large jewelry and bright nailpolish are few things which distract patients, their colleagues and families. You would rather want people to listen to you and to what you’re saying. Hence putting on gregarious accessories takes off the focus off you to what you’re wearing.

You may feel that your job is not the place where you can express your individuality and the way you dress. Remember that it is vital to be careful about your colleagues and patients. Your main goal is to inspire confidence in patients and make them feel that you’re competent in your profession.

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