The Pioneer Hair Transplant Surgeon gives the Aesthetic Results in Delhi


The procedure of hair transplant is one of the best options all around the world as a vital option to get the original hair back with the most aesthetic way. The hair restoration has the pivotal role in making the patient’s look aesthetically appealing with a head full of hair as a permanent option of hairline design and the implantation with proper angler & direction, which must be performed by the expert and experienced surgeon with hair transplant in Delhi.

It is a prerequisite that your operating Surgeon has those qualities and expertise in order to give the best aesthetic outcome of the procedure. The overall procedure of the hair restoration is the combination of an art and science in which the artistic touch has 60% and the rest 40% is on the scientific approach.

How Artistic Touch affects the Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant surgery is actually a process of shifting the hair roots from one location to another in which the safe, hair zone is the donor area and bald area is the recipient one get involved in order to cover the ‘No hair zone’ with a head full of hair. At Medispa hair transplant centre, Dr Suneet Soni performing the hair transplant procedure with more than a decade experience and many people/patients around the world use to come to their clinic located at Delhi & Jaipur to get the aesthetic hair transplant procedure results.

The steps of transplantation starts with the harvesting of the strip from the safe donor area followed by the Trichophytic closure and the next step goes to dissection of hair grafts in  the graft cutting room performed by the expert technicians with utmost precision and care in order to avoid the damaging of hair roots have a scientific approach that defines the surgical procedure of restoration, whereas the procedural steps of slit formation and implantation is all about artistic touch needs precision, skills and expertise in order to present the natural results of the procedure.

The Making of Hairline Design

The making of hairline design is one of the most concerning jobs of the hair transplant procedure performed by the expert surgeon. The hairline design must follow the proper angle and direction as according to patient’s age, sex and facial profile with the view of aesthetic concern. The hairline design is not an easy task as the each point of hair growth are considered while making them and the further growth is dependent on the pattern that is designed by the surgeon. However, the hairline design must be with an irregular pattern to give the utmost natural results that will look like original hair and not transplanted one. To make an aesthetic hairline design is a 100% artistic approach of the procedure performed by the hair transplant surgeon.

A Careful Slit Formation Step

To make the slit on the bald/recipient area involves the great precision and skills from the surgeon side as the direction of slitting is followed by the hair roots implantation and the further growth of hair takes the direction according to the slitting direction and that is why it is considered as the most artistic concern of the procedure defines the unnatural hair transplantation results.

Graft dissection Vs. Graft Implantation

The graft dissection and the graft implantation are both the scientific approach of the hair transplantation, but needs the artistic touch while taking the surgical steps as the handling of grafts during the dissection process must handle with care. The graft should hold from the shaft side and refrain it touching with the root side in order to avoid the damaging of hair roots. So, handling of hair roots is an artistic approach.

As far as graft implantation is concerned, it must follow the defined aesthetic slitting direction to achieve the natural output of the procedure.

The Closing technique after harvesting the Strip for an Aesthetic result

It is important to close the harvested area after taking the strip of the skin from the safe donor areas follows the advance closing technique in terms of hiding the scar. The advance closing technique is mostly performed by the expert surgeon in order to give the undetectable hair transplant results. The Trichophytic closure involves the overlapping process for closing the incision area in such a manner that the hair growth again started in the closing area and no scar is visible at all in this way. The Trichophytic closure helps in making the restoration procedure an unnoticeable one as a part of the aesthetic result of the surgery.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant gives the aesthetic outcome as according to the patient’s age, sex and gender only if performed by the expert hair transplant surgeon. It is not only the surgical procedure and needs the extreme sense of an artistic touch as the procedure are related to the patient’s look and appearance.


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