Tips for Choosing Eyeglasses in Lloydminster

Today, eyeglasses seem to be less about vision correction and more about fashion. Stylish frames are easy to get, and they come in many options. Whether you are getting eyeglasses in Lloydminster for the first time, changing your look with new eye wear or choosing a cool pair of sunglasses to complement your look, there are some things you need to consider. Comfort, function and fashion should all be taken into account when selecting eye wear.


Get Your Prescription Right

If you are using glasses for a medical reason, it is important to take time and visit a reliable eye doctor before making your purchase. A good optometrist will take time and thoroughly analyze your condition before advising you on the right eye wear. In case of prescription glasses, ensure you obtain your prescription from a reputable optometrist.

Glass or Plastic

There are advantages and liabilities to both plastic and glass. Plastic is lighter in weight, which can be a big factor for some people. Having heavy glass rest on the bridge of your nose can be miserable, particularly if you are prone to headaches or have a sensitive nose. Prescription glasses made from thick glass can be miserable, especially when wearing them for long periods of time. Then again, plastic scratches easily and can be less durable.

Consider Lifestyle and Glasses Care

Whether you choose plastic or glass, it is important to keep your eyeglasses in Lloydminster in a case when not in use. Do not wash your glasses in any sort of harsh solution, like window cleaner. If your eyeglasses will be exposed to harsh chemical fumes in your place of work, choose glass lenses. These hold up better than plastic when exposed to oily residue, extreme heat or caustic chemicals. Always wipe your glasses with a soft cloth instead of paper towel.

It is important to consider durability when choosing frames if you tend to be hard on glasses. Go for hard plastic frames and durable glass lenses if your workplace or lifestyle is hazardous or active. Wire frames are also very durable if not treated very roughly.

Consider the Weight and Shape of Glasses

Choose a frame style that matches your brow line. Your eyebrows are among the most important factors to consider when selecting eyeglass styles. The top line of your eyeglasses should either match the angle of your eyebrows or, in any case, complement them.

For some people, weight of the frame is a major deciding factor when selecting eyeglasses in Lloydminster. Lightweight glasses are more comfortable and are likely to be more durable, if they’re well designed. The size of the lenses should also be considered. While small lenses are more fashionable, ensure they agree with the main function of your eye wear.

Comfort Is a Must

If you are choosing eye wear to use while reading, driving or to wear regularly, it is important that they be comfortable. Even uncomfortable sunglasses might cause headaches. Having eyeglasses that do not fit properly or are poorly designed can be very painful. Take your time and try on a pair of glasses before buying them.


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