How to protect musicians’ hearing

There is no one who would not like to listen to music. Some people listen to soft songs and some like to listen to pop music. No matter what kind of music people listen, music maker keep the noise level high so that people can enjoy the concerts fully and they can understand lyrics. Music making can be a passion for many people but it can also be dangerous for hearing powers. Musicians risk their hearing every day. A research was carried which describe that pop music’s noise level can be from 88 up to 117 dB and orchestral  music noise level can be from 80 to 110 dB. Because of high noise level, many musicians have lost their hearing sense.

There are many different reports too; all these reports have a difference of opinions. Some reports show that there is no difference between the hearing power of musicians and other people. But some says that musicians hearing can be lightly poor than other people. No matter what these reports, it is facts that because of being in high noise exposure, musicians’ hearing power remain in danger all the time. to prevent went more hearing loss among the people of the music industry, a law was passed which makes employers of all music companies provide equipment to their employees to save their hearing powers.

There are many diseases and have different reasons. Some of these diseases can cause hearing loss permanently, but hearing aids can cover some type of hearing loss. It is very important to get your ears checked when you feel that there is a problem. it is important to go to a good and experienced audiologist. Audiology Island has the best audiologist who are experienced and evaluate and diagnose hearing problems and treat them with, especially care. They do not just treat adults; there are specialists who treat kids too with love and care.

It is a saying that precaution is better than treatment so it is good to protect hearing rather than getting painful treatments or loss hearing power. to protect musicians’ hearing there are many types of equipment. The protecting equipment has some side effects to and this article will describe some of the equipment.


These are being made of hard plastic in the shape of cups to cover the ear. The cups get sealed with the cushions filled with soft plastic foam or a viscous fluid on the head. There are headbands attached to this device which keep it stick to head. This equipment provides very good protection and easy to use, the best thing about it is its reasonable prices. The problem with this is it can cause occlusion.


Hearing plugs are very common. Some people use them while sleeping when they do not want to listen any kind of voice. They can be inserted into the ear to cover the canal. There are many different kinds of earplugs, some of them can be disposable, and others can be reusable. People with specific Some medical conditions cannot wear earplugs.


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